Control your energy.
It’s simple.
See how it works
Connect to Anything
  • Connect to smart devices
  • Synchronize all electric appliances on one platform
Control Everything
  • Monitor and control loads per circuit and per appliance basis
  • Create multiple automation settings based on your preferences
Optimize Solar and Storage
  • Maximize the use of the power generated and stored locally
  • Improve payback of solar in asymmetrical Net Metering

Install in 10 minutes

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smart energy system.

  • Off-Grid Functionality
    Receive grid outage push notifications Control battery runway Prioritize circuits in real time
  • Time of Use Capabilities
    Tie energy consumption with solar generation Manage how appliances run during the most expensive periods
  • Utility Demand Response
    Enroll appliances to participate in grid demand response Receive monetary compensation from your utility
  • Know Where Your Energy is Coming From
    Get visibility into the source of origin of grid energy supply for your home Receive granular insights on CO2 impact by energy source and time of the day Create automations helping to decarbonize consumption
This week, Lumin unveiled something new, the Lumin Edge, a handy, fairly plug-and-play product that turns an individual home into a personal grid.
— By Chris Crowell
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The Lumin Edge smart energy system tracks and manages a home’s electricity consumption
— By Michael Brown
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"If you're interested in increasing visibility into your energy consumption habits and, specifically, how individual appliances in your home behave, installing a Lumin is a great way to do so. What's more, Lumin's devices integrate seamlessly with solar and solar-plus-storage installations to help you get the most out of your backup power and solar production."
— EnergySage
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Lumin releases home energy managment system for smart circuit setup
— By Kelly Pickere
NAMES LUMIN A TOP 2020 Product
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